Office Address 
76 Valle Vista Carmel Valley CA 93924
Office Phone 
(650) 759-4416

Timothy Frahm

Timothy Frahm
Job title 
Central Coast Steelhead Coordinator
About me 
My dad took me out on a stream over 50 years ago and got my feet wet. I’ve still got the little glass Fenwick from back in 1962. Those trips and that little rod left an imprint that’s still stamped on me like a Colin Kaepernick tattoo. Now I’m telling stories to my little girl and getting her feet wet in the streams. As TU's California Central Coast Steelhead Coordinator, I’m also working to make sure that the steelhead that I chased, and still chase, will be available to her when she’s ready to feel that grab at the end of the swing.
Other Interests 
chasing fish
camping with the family
boatin a bit with my girls
hiking in the hill
calling ducks over the decoys
BBQing in the backyard with a cold beverage

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