Steelhead - American River 01/17/2018

Groups audience 

Many anglers have been catching half pounders since the end of last summer. We have been anticipating the run of the larger steelhead and many of us showed up to opening day with high expectations, only to be dissappointed, realizing that they just weren't here in large numbers yet. Paitiently waiting for their arrival, I would spend every other day or so throwing medium sized Little Cleos or Kastmasters and sometimes mixing it up with a peachy colored bead and some yarn with a sliding sinker or under a float. Yesterday (Jan. 16th) was the first day that anglers were seen hooking several fish. A few larger fish and some bright chrome half pounders were pulled out on several kinds of rigs. One large female on a little cleo and a large male on beads. The half pounders were caught by me bouncing a half a night crawler along the bottom. By the end of the day I released two smaller wild fish and saw three other larger steelhead caught. The river is finally starting to heat up so get out there!


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