The New Best Fishign Accessories for 2019

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There is a tool for it. Sometimes, companies simply expand on the bread-and-butter concepts with better processes, improved materials, higher-end technology, and increased functionality. Other times, manufacturers come up with truly innovative ideas for problems or procedures not previously addressed. This year's ICAST collection featured both types of development and included products that ran the gamut from original rigging items to kayak-fishing tools. Here are the best new accessories you need to know about.


1. VMC Neko Skirt
2. Yakima EasyRide Kayak Trailer
3. Erupt Rod Threading Device
4. Frabill Trophy Haul Net
5. Cauldron Fyre Mobile
6. goLock Venture
7. Bite-Strike Technologies Solar Powered APALS
8. Catch Commander
9. Rapala Performance Tool Combo
10. TH Marine Hydra Battery Terminal Multiplier
11. Gerber Processor Shears


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