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Bristol Bay rainbow. Photo by: Brian O'Keefe
Now that it has been a month, we suspect you might be wondering how the recent election will impact our work to protect the places we love to fish in Alaska. 
Simply put, the change in Administration may make some of our efforts to protect fish habitat and clean water more challenging. The good news is that fishing is not a political issue, it’s cultural and something we do to support our families, businesses and communities.
Our fish habitat campaigns are built on strong community-supported partnerships, make economic sense for Alaska’s fishing and tourism jobs, and are grounded in science. After all, our fisheries are a vital part of our Alaskan heritage and a key economic contributor that help thousands of Alaskan families put food on the table. Our volunteer-run chapters are growing, and our staff of nine is energized and ready to promote our shared vision for a fish-filled future for Alaska.
Bristol Bay sockeye.
Although policies and funds related to clean water and conservation may come under renewed scrutiny, we are confident in our ability to move forward because of the unique bi-partisan role TU has always played. It will be more vital than ever before that we regularly contact our elected decision makers to tell them that protecting clean water and maintaining healthy fisheries is not a partisan issue and warrants their continued diligence. 
At TU Alaska, we have always prided ourselves on our ability to work in a bipartisan manner. Whether it involves conserving small streams in the Tongass for steelhead and salmon, ensuring B.C. mines don't jeopardize the major rivers of Southeast Alaska or protecting the entire Bristol Bay watershed from Pebble Mine, we know how to get people from across the political spectrum to work side-by-side toward ensuring Alaska fisheries remain healthy and productive into the future. TU will double down on these approaches and will continue to bring common sense, science-based, economically savvy proposals forward to decision makers. We are confident in our ability to be heard at decision-making tables on both sides of the aisle in years to come.
The Alaska Program Staff.
We know our Alaska supporters may be divided politically along with much of the nation. But we challenge all of you to look beyond political lines toward all we have in common. Our love of clean water and wild fish may be what can help to unite an otherwise divided nation. Though there will be challenges, I see great opportunity for TU, and our members and supporters, to play an even more prominent role in ensuring the healthy future of trout and salmon in Alaska. But we’re going to need your help.
Thank you, and let’s keep up the good work.
Nelli Williams
Alaska Program

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